The Maine Baptist Association
Thursday, February 22, 2018
A fellowship of churches!

About Us

Who we are

We are 24 churches and missions working together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with each and every person in Maine ... and to the ends of the earth! We are found as far north as Caribou and as far south as North Berwick. We are committed to Jesus Christ follow Him wherever He leads and at whatever the cost.

We are a fellowship of churches who voluntarily affiliate with each other for the purpose of evangelism, missions and fellowship in Maine and around the world. The association of churches believe that Kingdom work can be done better together and will have a greater impact than done individually, although each church is autonomous and has its own focus of ministry. Check out our upcoming events and ministry opportunities to learn how you can get involved with MEBA and some tidbits about Maine for your information.

For more information on our churches or us, click on MEBA Churches. We provide an event trailer to our churches as they reach out to their communities. To reserve the Event Trailer - use the Online Reservation Form.

You can reach us at 207-576-7964 or send us an email at Our mailing address is P. O. Box 317, Waterville, ME 04903

How we connect     

We connect with one another through fellowship and ministry. We cooperatively join together to be a visible representation of the Kingdom of God.

We share our financial resources to impact the world with the Good News. We share our human resources to meet the needs of those around us as well as on the other side of the planet. We are laborers together with God!

You can connect with us!

We desire to join with others who trust and follow Jesus. We want to partner with those who sense God's calling to serve Him in Maine as well as those with whom we can join to have a greater impact in the regions beyond our own. If you wish to donate online, click here

It is not enough for us to receive assistance from others - we must also give.

For more information, click on Partnership Opportunities.

MEBA Staff

Keith Lawrence, Director of Missions

Ann Lawrence, Partnership Development

MEBA Administrative Team

Steve Rowe, Moderator

Tim Kezar, Vice-Moderator

Kathy Todd, Clerk

Marilyn McClendon, Missions & Collegiate

Keith Lawrence, Leadership Development

Other Ministry Leaders

Tim Brown, Disaster Relief

Barry Murry, Church Planting Catalyst, NAMB


MEBA Facilities

Office Location: 7 Glenridge Drive, Augusta, ME 04330

Office address: Maine Baptist Association,  P. O. Box 317,  Waterville, ME 04903


The Farmington Conference Center

 The Maine Baptist Association, in partnership with the New Hampshire Baptist Association, owned 52 acres of farmland on the Sandy River in Farmington, Maine. Since its acquisition in 1986, facilities have been built to make the conference center a place where Maine Baptists can go for camps and repeats! In 2015, both associations deeded the property to the Farmington Conference Center as its own entity. We continue to work with the center and to support the center as it continues to offer retreat and camp facilities for churches and other Christian ministries.

Year Round Use: A bunkhouse that sleeps 17 and a chapel building that will sleep an additional 24 make this a great place to hold your next winter activity. The two buildings boast a kitchen, a kitchenette, multiple bathrooms and a meeting room. These two buildings are available for all seasons. 

Summer Use: Three cabins with a capacity of 54, housing for 13 in the infirmary/cooks quarters in the Pavilion, a bath house (divided for coed camps) with 6 showers. We also have full-service hookups for recreational vehicles. This is a great place for summer camps and year-round retreats for churches!

Each summer Farmington Conference Center hosts a Boys and a Girls Camp in the month of July. Maine churches are encouraged to take advantage of these camps.

For more information about the conference center, visit the Center's website at

Farmington Conference Center - A Great Place for Your Next Retreat!