The Maine Baptist Association
Sunday, March 29, 2015
A fellowship of churches!

Partnership Opportunities


Current Needs  

First Baptist Church, Bath, MaineOngoing Need: Folks who are willing to prayer walk in Bath, and folks who will play with Kids in the Apts. - Using Games, Puppets, Crafts; Assist with basic building maintenance - painting, cleaning, throw stuff out. For more information, please contact Pastor Steve Rowe at 


Building Projects 


NEW !!!    Calvary Baptist Church in Caribou is a growing church that averages about 75 weekly. They need help replacing 5 exterior doors in order to reduce the cost of heating their building. They will do the work of installing but need financial help in purchasing the doors. The cost for the 5 doors estimated to be $2,500. They hope to complete this work before fall 2015. Lowering the cost of heating will release more funds to reach out into the community. If you are interested in helping with this financial need, please contact them at 207-493-6608 or email at


Farmington Conference Center, Farmington, Maine:  Needs summer volunteers, assistance (both volunteer & financial) for remodeling projects - converting and updating space; adding a bathroom and kitchenette to one of our buildings; concrete garage paint for floor, paint/stain for various exterior porches, decks, ramps and stairs. funds to have insulation put into some of the buildings; etc. For more information, please contact: