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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Be Still
Dallas Willard, Dr. Henry Cloud,Richard Foster, Judge Reinhold, Amy Reinhold, Priscilla Shirer
One of the greatest challenges in the world today is to stop, to be silent, and to listen in the midst of the noise and distractions of our 24/7 society.

Many Christians may long for greater intimacy and depth in their spiritual lives, but they have a difficult time incorporating silence and meditation on Scripture into their schedule-driven days. Invite your congregation to this extraordinary event and discover together how the discipline of contemplative prayer can make a profound impact in your life and the life of your church!
Becoming One Flesh: A Marriage of Spiritual Friends
Steve and Valerie Bell
CCN invites the married couples in your community to discover how it's not only possible but enjoyable to build a closer, more joy-filled and intimate marriage by making practical room to experience God in relationship with one another.
Becoming Women Who Change the World
George Barna, Michelle Borquez, Constance Rhodes
Like never before, women are in a position to influence the Church and literally change the world.Women represent the majority of Christians in America. They also represent the backbone of the community of faith in terms of their time, money and personal investment in their devotion to Jesus Christ.
According to researcher and cultural analyst George Barna, "Millions of women are seeking new ways of experiencing God in their life and expressing their faith in daily circumstances. These new approaches to faith are revolutionizing the Church." In the CCN broadcast, Becoming Women Who Change the World, ministry leaders will explore the unique ways in which women are representing God in the marketplace, through their efforts to worship, evangelize, serve, support, and interact in new ways.
Better than Good
Zig Ziglar
In Better Than Good, leaders from the marketplace will learn to confront and transform the obstacles that stand in the way of success. Zig Ziglar will look beyond models of worldly success to offer a practical and spiritual vision of what can happen when leaders allow purpose and passion to permeate their souls.
Beyond the Cosmos: Origin of the Universe
Dr. Hugh Ross
Dr. Hugh Ross explains that what seemed impossible in the four-dimensional world of length, width, height, and time become answerable in the context of extra-dimensional reality. Find out what science has learned about extra dimensions that will strengthen one's faith in a personal Creator.
Boundaries with Teens
Dr. John Townsend
Parents, youth workers, coaches, teachers, family and friends will learn the critical skills of when to say yes and how to say no to the teens in their lives. 
Children’s Ministry: What Matters Most – Building Transformational Partnerships with Volunteers and Parents
David Staal
You can’t run a dynamic children’s ministry without two key groups of people: volunteers and parents! David Staal will walk your leadership team through the tteps of building this strong base of support. Learn exactly what it takes to develop quality relationships with parents and inspire lasting commitment in your volunteers. 
Cosmic Fingerprints: An Astronomer’s Quest
Dr. Hugh Ross
Most people think scientists reject Christianity because they’re too fact-based and skeptical. Hugh Ross says the opposite. His own story demonstrates that when scientists apply their own research method to an evaluation of both the biblical text and the record of nature, they discover a stunning consistency! 
Conversations that Change Lives: The Art of Engaging in Spiritual Conversations
George Barna, Jim Henderson, Steve Russo
Spiritual topics do not have to be a conversation stoppers. Join research expert George Barna and evangelism guru Joe Henderson in a live broadcast that will train your leadership team to talk with seekers about Jesus in ways that will open doors to deeper relationships and more conversations—ultimately, faith in Christ! 
Creating Innovative Outreach Events
Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg 
Evangelism experts, Mark Mittelberg and Lee Strobel take the CCN stage together again! This practical seminar will help you and your leaders identify the most critical elements in creating outreach events that are the best fit for your church and community. Whether your church is planning to reach out through small groups, medium-sized gatherings or blockbuster events, this practical program will ensure your success by helping you make the right decisions at the right times. 
Culture Shift
Wayne Cordeiro, Robert Lewis
 Pastors Robert Lewis and Wayne Cordeiro will offer practical steps to shift the culture of your church to the kind of community that transforms lives. Coming from two vastly different yet thriving churches, Dr.’s Lewis and Cordeiro share the common commitment of protecting and enriching church culture first! Church leaders will discover the importance of becoming value-driven rather than program-driven. 
Dual Revelation: Christ and Creation
Dr. Kenneth Samples
The doctrine of revelation -- divine unveiling and self-disclosure -- is key to understanding of our relationship with God and how He makes Himself known to us. Samples says there are two important ways God reveals Himself to us:
  • General Revelation: Discover how the created order, nature, history and the inner human conscience tell of God's existence.
  • Special Revelation: Learn how God has made Himself known in special times and ways to His covenant people, through the incarnation of Christ and the preservation of Scripture. 
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
Pete Scazzero, David Kinnaman
Pete Scazzero says the bottom line is this: "It is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature." Find out how you can:
  • Develop spiritual practices that provide a structure and direction for growth in Christ. 
  • Establish daily actions which will help you intentionally pay attention and remember God in everything you do. 
Energizing Your Family’s Spiritual Life: The Power of Being There(currently unavailable)
Dr. Jim Burns
Invite the parents (and grandparents) in your church and community to join Dr. Jim Burns for a HomeWord Marriage and Family training seminar.
"Contrary to what some of us in youth ministry used to think, parents and grandparents set the pace when it comes to leading kids in faith. They don’t have to be perfect, but they do need to try and be authentic," says Dr. Jim Burns.
Parents will learn how make their faith a real part of the home by:
  • Putting God first in family life
  • Making spiritual matters a natural part of conversation
  • Paying attention to their own spiritual health 
Every Woman's Battle
Shannon Ethridge
Equip and encourage the women of your church to find the freedom, joy and victory that God intends for all aspects of their lives, including their relationships. Invite both single and married women to join award-winning author, Shannon Ethridge, as she offers frank and practical insights for women who want to pursue God-honoring values in regard to sexual integrity and purity.
Note: This program candidly addresses the sexual temptations women face and may not be suitable for all audiences. 
Experiencing the Nativity
Erwin McManus, Mike Rich
Seekers and believers are invited to come explore the questions:
  • Why did the Nativity happen?
  • Why would God choose Mary, Joseph and a virgin birth? 
Exploring Judaism
Mark Mittelbert, Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Michael Cohen
Evangelism expert Mark Mittelberg with his special guest, Michael Rydelnik, professor of Jewish Studies at Moody Bible Institute. Michael will give Christians a more complete understanding of the beliefs that are held by our Jewish friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Michael will share natural and sensitive ways to overcome tensions and barriers and to communicate our faith --including who Jesus is and why we believe He is the Messiah for all people. 
Extraordinary Women 2005
Lois Evans, Ruth Graham, Natalie Grant
 "The speakers and their content were fabulous in their encouragement, vulnerability and presentation of God's grace.Thank you for how you ministered to our hearts and souls."