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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Finding Joy at Work: Equipping Leaders in the Workplace
Dennis Bakke, Brad Smith
What is the purpose of our work? Is the workplace primarily a mission field, an arena to carry out the Great Commission? Or, is it simply the means to support our families and the missions of our local church and para-church organizations? Could it be that secular work is the primary mission or ministry to which God has called most people? God has created us with the ability to reason, to make decisions, and to take responsibility for our actions. When these things come together, we all can experience Joy at Work
Finding Your Destiny: Discovering God’s Plan for Your Life
Steve Fitzhugh
 Seasoned youth ministry expert, Steve Fitzhugh, coach students and student leaders through the exciting process of finding God’s unique plan and purpose for their lives.
The Christian life will come alive for your students as they realize the startling fact that God has equipped each one to serve a unique role in His kingdom! 
Generous Giving: Creating a Culture of Generosity in Your Church
Dr. Joseph Stowell, Bob Coy
Imagine a congregation joyfully encouraging one another toward ever-increasing, lavish giving—a church that mirrors Jesus’ ultimate sacrificial generosity. Sound too good to be true? Explore how it is possible to create a culture of financial faithfulness and generosity in your church. 
Good Sense Retirement Workshop
Dick Towner
Most people have some ideas about retirement. Retirement can be a tremendous time in life when there is greater freedom and resources to serve, give, reach out to new people and embrace new ministries. How can you equip your congregation to make their retirement years some of the most joy-filled and fruitful years of their lives? It's never too early nor is it too late to make realistic plans for retirement! In this workshop, your entire congregation will receive a proven, biblical resource for changing hearts and lives in the area of finances. 
Groups that Grow – the first in the small group series
A Place to Belong
Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Bill Donahue
Small groups are designed to be a "sticking" place. They are a place where new people can begin to feel known and at homein your church...And they'll want to stick around.But how do small group leaders create a program and an environment which are both welcoming and open to newcomers? How do new people move from the feeling of stranger and visitor to the feeling that this is "their church": A Place to Belong?
Building Authentic Relationships in your Small Group
Dr. Bill Donahue, Greg Bowman
Each one of us is created with a longing to experience authentic and dynamic community.
In fact, our ability to grow and develop Christ-like character depends upon the relationships we build in the Body of Christ. And this is the mission of the small group: Draw people together so that they can draw closer to Christ! So, how do small group leaders move their groups beyond superficiality to life-transforming community?
Small group expert, Bill Donahue, continues the Groups That Grow series by training leaders how to foster authentic relationships in their small groups with several important disciplines.
Coaching Life-changing Leaders
Bill Donahue, Henry Cloud
Don't overlook your small group leaders! Providing care, accountability, development and support for your leadership team is essential to building healthy small groups. Learn exactly what churches can do to ensure that leaders get what they need to grow in both small group skills and character.
Creating an Environment for Spiritual Growth
Bill Donahue, Henry Cloud
Bring your small group leaders together for an evening of training with Dr. Henry Cloud and Bill Donahue in this rebroadcast of the first installment in the Groups that Grow Small Group Leadership Training Series. This first program will help you and your leaders create an environment that encourages and equips group members to move beyond skin-deep change to real spiritual transformation.
No Perfect People Here
Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Bill Donahue
Is your small group a place for real people? It's critical that small group leaders understand that pain and brokenness are a part of the human experience and a normal part of group life. If the good news of the gospel is for those who need a Savior, then why do we pretend to "have it all together"? When people discover that God's love and grace is available to them just as they are, exciting things happen. Life-transforming change begins in authentic relationships with God and others.
Four Meetings That Will Change Your Group Forever
Part 1-Getting Connected from Day One
Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Bill Donahue
Small group leaders will learn how the power of each member's story can help grow community.
Discover how these stories can:
  • Create a platform for authentic sharing
  • Encourage participation among members
  • Reduce anxieties about being in a small group
  • Build community
Part 2-Starting at the End
Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Bill Donahue
Small group leaders will be trained to create a process for defining their small groups' purpose.
Learn how to:
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Uncover and articulate the group's main goals
  • Design group elements to support purpose
  • Anticipate and overcome obstacles to achieving goals
Part 3-Building the Guardrails
Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Bill Donahue
This meeting is critical to help shape the values and ground rules that will enable your groups to achieve their purposes.
Learn how to:
  • Invite participation and ownership of the process
  • Identify the core values and ground rules which are necessary to every group's success
  • Articulate the specific values and ground rules which will support your unique purpose
  • Foster a spirit of unity and consensus
Small Group Leadership Training Series
Going Deeper
Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Bill Donahue
How does a group move from superficial levels of interaction to a deeper connection with God and others in the group? Train your small group leaders in a process that will help you integrate scripture, prayer and authentic relationships into your group experiences.
Turning Questions into Transformational Discussions (part 2 of 4)
Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue
Bill Donahue and Dr. Henry Cloud continue their small groups series by helping leaders better understand the importance of deep discussions. Learn the type of questions that enhance and lead to thoughtful discussion.
Sharing the Leadership Load
Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Bill Donahue
Shared leadership and mutual responsibility are the hallmarks of a maturing, healthy group. Small Group experts Henry Cloud and Bill Donahue will provide your small group leadership team with some proven strategies to help build vital, new leaders in your groups.
What to Do When “Life Happens” in your Group
Part 1- Responding to People in Pain
Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Bill Donahue
Learn how to come alongside someone who is experiencing a crisis in life.
Part 2- Dealing with Difficult People
Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Bill Donahue 
Learn how to confront challenging personalities and behavior with grace and truth.
Healing is a Choice
Stephen Arterburn
Jesus once asked a man who had been sick for 38 years if he wanted to be healed. Now, the "Healing is a Choice" programs address the same critical question to your community: "Do you want to be healed?" Based on the book by the same name, this program launches a review of the ten choices that can transform the lives in your congregation. 
How Music and Media Influence Youth
Dr. Jim Burns
 It's not just the movies and the music that has today's parents worried; now it's the internet, the gaming systems and all that technology brings. And it's complicated. All secular music/media is not bad; all Christian music and media is not necessarily good. In this session, parents and youth ministry teams will find out how modern technology really influences our kids' lives, and how we can help them understand its impact on their lives -- both positive and negative. 
How to Get a Date Worth Keeping
Dr. Henry Cloud
If there’s one topic that remains central to the hearts, minds and souls of singles –even more than anyone dares to admit - it’s dating! We love it and we hate it! Dating is awesome in its potential for good and frightening in its potential for pain and set back. At its finest, dating is an exciting path towards personal and spiritual growth, great life experiences and discovering a partner for life! Dr. Henry Cloud, clinical psychologist and best-selling author, tackles the key question that everyone can relate to, “How should a person date?” 
How Parenting Styles Affect Children
Walter L. Larimore, MD
Is one style of parenting better than another? Dr. Walt Larimore is back to explore the ways that individual parenting styles do affect children. Combining the newest, most helpful parenting research with time-tested biblical truth, one of America’s best-known family physicians will train parents and ministry leaders in the do’s and don’ts of parenting. 
How to Grow a High Impact Church
Law of Focus
Chip Ingram
Find out how to lead with an outward focus. Learn how to identify and deploy those with a gift of evangelism. Discover vital elements of evangelism that will lead to an increase in your membership.
Law of Purpose
Chip Ingram
Rediscover the importance of an ongoing commitment to both the great commission and the great commandment, and learn how to retain that focus.
Law of Expectation
Chip Ingram
Status quo is not an option. Learn your direct role and function in church growth and what it takes to set the tone and attitude of your current congregation so they expect change.
Law of Dependency
Chip Ingram
Discover creative ways to implement spiritual vitality in your deacons, leaders and lay people to create dependency between all of you.
Law of Inspiration
Chip Ingram
Discover how to organize your service so that form follows spirit to encourage a meaningful worship experience: worship that breaks monotony and creates increased desire for corporate worship.
Law of Structure
Chip Ingram
Learn how to see growth barriers before they occur, and find out how to break through them.
Law of Intentionality
Chip Ingram
Learn how to plan and develop a ministry with clear goals and a strategy to fulfill your vision. Discover how an intentional plan for preaching, assimilating new members and discipleship will help you attain maximum impact in your community.
The Law of the Kingdom
Chip Ingram
Did you know that forming relationships with the other pastors and churches can actually help you grow your church? Learn how growing churches don’t view other churches as rivals or competitors but as an opportunity to join forces: to gather with those who are like-minded for regular times of prayer, worship, and interaction, to offer practical help in times of need.
Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality
Dr. Henry Cloud, Ken Blanchard, Bill Hybels, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Ronnie Lott
Integrity. It's more than simple honesty. It's the key to success. You have heard all your life that “character counts.” You have desired integrity in yourself and in the people with whom you work. You have felt its effects, suffered when it has not been present, and benefited when it has. You know that it is real. In this 2-hour event based on Dr. Cloud’s newest book, leaders throughout your community will find out how character integrity is the bedrock of success in all of life - especially in one’s work, career, or leadership. 
Just Walk Across the Room: Stepping into the New Era in Personal Evangelism
Bill Hybels
The next era of personal evangelism is here! In this exciting broadcast, Bill Hybels takes a lifetime of evangelism experience and boils it down to something simple that every believer can do: Just Walk Across the Room! In this transformational program, you and your congregation will learn how to reach out to people who are far from God in a humble and natural way.