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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Lift up your Voice: A Call to Prayer
David Jeremiah, Jerry Rankin, Beth Moore, Carrie McConnall
Every day the world seems to become a little smaller, a little more reachable, and its events come a little closer to home. Even in the Church, there is a thirst to be a part of what God is doing around the world like never before. We are also at an amazing juncture in history. Come together to celebrate and connect with God’s work around the world in a CCN special event: Lift Up Your Voice… A Call to Prayer
Listen to your Life
Valorie Burton
In this wise and practical program, Valorie will show how each woman can achieve the ultimate life makeover by listening to and acting on the messages that God sends her way through everyday experiences. 
Lose it for Life
Stephen Arterburn
Join author Steve Arterburn for this exclusive special LIVE training for all Lose it for Life small group leaders. Lose it for Life offers hope and direction for anyone tired of struggling with their weight. More than a diet plan, this proven program focuses on the factors underlying unhealthy eating habits and provides biblical answers to these challenges. 
Making Your Marriage your Top Priority
Dr. Jim Burns
Invite the couples and families in your community to discover the tools they need to survive the stresses and pressures of 21st century family life! Marriage and Family expert Jim Burns offers straight forward and practical help to couples who want to make their marriage all that God designed it to be. 
Maximizing Your Impact
John Maxwell
Speaking from his personal experience and the hard lessons learned from failures, leadership expert John Maxwell offers leaders in your community the insights they need to create maximum impact at work, in their community and in the home. 
Ministry and Marriage: When Leaders Live Together
John and Nancy Ortberg
There is a challenge and an opportunity that come from being both married and in ministry. Is it possible that the experience can both enrich the ministry and deepen marital intimacy and joy?What are the unique demands that ministry couples face? Are there certain practices which can help protect the marriage relationship?CCN invites ministry leaders and their spouses to join an experienced ministry couple, Dr. John and Nancy Ortberg, for an honest, encouraging and straightforward seminar on Ministry and Marriage: When Leaders Live Together. 
Myths and Management of ADHD
Walter Larimore
 Dr. Walt Larimore, one of America's best known family physicians, provides a realistic and encouraging perspective for parents, family members, teachers, youth leaders, church leaders and pastors who have the privilege of working with ADHD in children. Filled with insights, personal stories and sound medical expertise, this program provides hope that breaks through the "hype". 
Narnia Outreach Event
Doug Gresham, Michael Flaherty, Steven Curtis Chapman, Paul Lauer
Great fiction often carries great truth, and a story told in film can make those truths come alive in powerful ways. In the CCN broadcast, Narnia Outreach Event, you and your leadership teams will learn how you can use this film as an outreach opportunity and invite your community to explore its messages of reconciliation and forgiveness, love and grace. 
New Life After Divorce
Bill Butterworth
Few experiences are more painful than divorce. Like the death of a loved one, divorce brings grief and loneliness, heartache and depression. For the newly divorced and/or their loved ones, this hope-filled broadcast affirms that there can be new life, healing and joy ahead. 
Non-Commercial Thoughts on Christian Spirituality
Donald Miller
Invite your community to join Donald Miller for a fresh, frank investigation into the ways our commercial culture affects how we view and relate to God. 
Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders
Earl Creps
Learn about “paradigm crashes” – disconnects between the American church and the culture it is commanded to reach. You’ll explore the three paradigm crashes that impelled Earl on his own rocky but exhilarating path to discovering twelve off-road disciplines.
Then, you’ll investigate two of those disciplines:
  • Reverse mentoring (a personal discipline)
  • Performance assessment (an organizational discipline) 
Pastor to Pastor: The Spiritually Vital Leader
HB London, Dallas Willard, Dr. John Ortberg
As pastors, there is a subtle pull to be more attached to ministry than the One who calls us to ministry. It can be a struggle for pastors to focus on their own spiritual vitality while serving. Our hearts long for intimacy with God, but how can pastors and ministry leaders foster spiritual vitality in the midst of so many ministry agendas? The pressures of people, church management, and leadership seem to prevent us from drawing near to God. Reviving, strengthening and protecting the spiritual health and vitality of leaders is the focus of this session of the Pastor to Pastor series 
Preparing your Daughter for Every Woman’s Battle
Shannon Ethridge
As parents, we know that our girls are growing up in a sex-saturated world, but we don’t always know what to do about it. Now you can offer the parents in your congregation the encouragement and support they'll need to talk openly and honestly with their daughters on this important topic. Counselor, youth leader, author and speaker, Shannon Ethridge will equip parents and student ministry leaders to help adolescent girls (ages 8-13) have victory over the sexual and emotional temptations that they’ll inevitably face as young women. 
Preventing & Treating Childhood Obesity
Dr. Walt Larimore
The mushrooming childhood obesity epidemic is destroying children's lives, draining family resources and pushing America dangerously close to a total health care collapse. The good news? There is something that you and your church can do about it. Invite the families in your congregation to to join Dr. Walt Larimore, one of America's best known family physicians, as he presents a clinically proven, step-by-step lifestyle change program that's designed for the whole family. He invites parents and churches to work together to avert the coming crisis! 
Greg Stielstra
 There's nothing like the combustible power of the customer evangelist. Drawing from the principles learned while promoting the runaway success of The Purpose Driven Life, Greg Stielstra reveals a new way to fuel interest in your services and products. Reach out and invite the leaders in your community to learn how to implement the four steps of PyroMarketing:
Gather the Driest Tinder – Promote to the people most likely to buy.
Touch it with the match – Give them an experience with your product or service.
Fan the Flames – Help them tell others.
Save the Coals – Keep a record of who they are.