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Reasons to Believe
Hope, Purpose & Destiny
Dr. Hugh Ross
The physics of space and time reveal that time is not eternal: it had a beginning, and it will have an end. New discoveries also show that the universe is expanding, ultimately to the point where life, including humanity, cannot exist. At the same time, science is leading scholars to believe that humanity must possess an ultimate purpose. Discover how science supports the good news of the Bible: that our ultimate purpose lies not in this creation but in the new creation to come!
ET- Is Anyone Out There?
Dr. David H. Rogstad
With science now estimating there are as many as 10 billion trillion planets in the universe, it seems unlikely that only one planet would be life sustaining. But Dr. Rogstad believes that science can help people understand that “the more we learn about our universe — and Earth specifically — the more we realize the likelihood that our planet is unique and one-of-a-kind.” Among the scientific evidence for the uniqueness of Earth’s life-sustaining capabilities: 300 parameters within the fields of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biology that must all be perfectly matched in order for advanced life to exist! Encourage your congregation to invite their friends in the community to the next program in the Reasons to Believe series as we look at the potential for life … out there. 
The Origins of Life
Fazale "Fuz" Rana
Life instantaneously arose on Earth? Early in its history? In a complex form? In hostile conditions? Since this theory contradicts any possible naturalistic explanations, origin-of-life researchers are now looking beyond Earth for the answers. This has exciting implications for believers! Join us to learn more about a testable scientific model that boldly predicts what future scientists and people of faith will agree is the answer. 
George Barna, Dwight Gunter, Robert Lewis
We live in the midst of a revolutionary age. You’ve heard of the Information Revolution and the Technological Revolution … But did you know that there is a Spiritual Revolution taking place in your church? According to researcher and cultural analyst George Barna, North America is in the early stages of what may well become the most significant spiritual reformation of the past hundred years. This Revolution represents an explosion of spiritual interest and activity that is reshaping Christianity - both personal faith and corporate religious expression.
Revolutionary Parenting
George Barna
 The revolution is underway, but in this new era, how can parents make a lasting impact in the spiritual lives of their children? To find the answer, George Barna researched the lives of thriving adult Christians and discovered the essential steps their parents took to shape their spiritual lives in childhood. He also learned surprising truths about which popular parenting tactics just aren't working. Revolutionary Parenting goes beyond youth group and Sunday school and shows parents how to instill in their children a vibrant commitment to Christ. 
Seismic Shifts
Kevin Harney 
Little changes can make a huge difference. Invite your entire community to join Pastor Kevin Harney to learn how small changes can lead to deeper levels of lasting joy, a more expansive faith, new levels of health and rest. Discover the kind of changes that open the floodgates of true riches and transformed relationships. 
Sex Needs of Men & Women, Part 1
Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg
What’s God’s plan for sex? In their latest book, nationally known counselrs, authors and marriage experts put it this way: “Discover the Secret to Great Sex in a Godly Marrriage.” They also recognize that it’s not as simple as it sounds. In this four-part series, Gary and Barb Rosberg help the couples in your congregation redefine sex in a way that leads to greater understanding, intimacy and fulfillment. They also offer help and hope to couples whose intimacy has been neglected or damaged. 
Shaped by God's Heart: The Passion and Practices of Missional Churches 
Milfred Minatrea
Drawing on his extensive two-year field study of hundreds of US churches, missiologist, urban strategist and ministry practitioner Milfred Minatrea will help church leaders move beyond mere survival and maintenance. Learn how you can make the shift to a thriving, missional mode of ministry that will re-energize Christian spirituality in your congregation! 
Solutions offers practical tools for handling issues that are common to all relationships and to people of all ages, such as:
  • Communication
  • Intimacy
  • Conflict
  • Boundaries
  • Success
  • Honesty
  • Emotional issues
  • Expectations
    …and more
Spiritual growth and transformation are encouraged through relevant, relational topics presented in a casual and friendly atmosphere.
Series # 1: Creating Extraordinary Relationships (4 weeks)
Love’s Essential Values (1st week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Maintaining a relationship that brings love, satisfaction and joy is no easy achievement.  And if you want to make it truly extraordinary, there is something you cannot do without: a common set of values.  Discover the specific values that separate ordinary relationships from extraordinary ones -- and learn how these values can transform your relationships!
Unlocking Potential (2nd week)
Dr. John Townsend
We often see such great potential in others, yet notice that over time it never develops. Is there something one can do to help? Or perhaps you yourself are bursting with potential, but time passes, and your potential lies dormant, untapped. Join us for this dynamic program to learn to unlock untapped potential in yourself and others.
Give Up the Blame Game (3rd week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
When a problem arises in your relationship, are you quick to blame, or do you carefully consider how you may be contributing to the problem?  Giving up the blame game is critical if you want to create the right environment for an extraordinary relationship to flourish.  Learn practical ways you can stop blaming others, "own your own stuff" and help a good relationship become great! 
Series # 3: Maximum Success for Life (3 weeks)
Reality, the Key to Success (3rd week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Learn to embrace reality and achieve your goals. 
Series # 4: This thing Called Love (5 weeks)
Two become One (5th week)
Dr. John Townsend
Marriage can be the most rewarding and fulfilling relationship on earth. 
Series # 5: The Emotional and Spiritual Connection (6 weeks)
Dark Night of the Soul (2nd week)
Dr. John Townsend
Join us to learn about the causes and cures for depression.
Erasing Guilt Messages (5th week)
Dr. John Townsend
Learn how to erase the guilt messages that keep playing over and over and discover more freedom in your relationships.
Grief: The Good and Bad News (6th week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Learn how to look at painful experiences through a wider lens to get past pain to better relationships. 
Series # 6: Protect Your Love Life (2 weeks)
Love’s Executioner (1st week)
Dr. John Townsend
Your love life is one of your most prized possessions, and when we value something, we generally provide a safe place for it.  How about your love life?  Have you allowed personal issues to damage the love life you once cherished?  In the best love connections, both people experience lots of choices and lots of freedom.  In such an atmosphere, love thrives.  But when one person is running the show, making most of the decisions and insisting on doing things a certain way, the other may feel that he or she doesn't have enough control, or worse, is being controlled.  Control is a love-killer.  You'll be given the keys to making your relationship less controlling and more supportive.  It's easier than you think.  Don't let love's executioner take the joy out of your relationship!
Hard Habits to Break! (2nd week)
Dr. John Townsend
Can you think of even one person who has no bad habits?  Bad habits are just part of being human.  Unfortunately, bad habits can be deeply ingrained and hard to break. They can cause pain both to ourselves and those we care about.  Smoking, drinking, overeating, being in toxic relationships, indulging in Internet pornography--whatever the habit, it gets a foothold in your life. When your bad habit starts affecting those you love, it's time to take action.  Don't let a habit ruin good relationships.  Join us and learn how to finally kick that bad habit for good!    
Series # 7: Solutions for Life (3 weeks)
Balancing Work and Life (3rd week)
Bill Butterworth
Is it really possible to have it all – success at work and a fulfilling life outside the office? Bill Butterworth says YES! Reach out to the marketplace in your community with the good news existence is possible! People in all professions will receive the practical instructions, tools and mind set they need to integrate their work and their life. 
Series #8: Key to Intimacy (2 weeks)
Trust; Once Burned, Twice Shy (1st week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
This program will teach you how to trust again without getting burned in the process. 
Series # 9: Relationship Myths (4 weeks)
What about Me? (1st week)
Dr. John Townsend
Bust the myth that its selfish to have one's own needs met.
The Behavior Trap (2nd week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Bust the myth that having positive behavior on the outside will change us on the inside.
The Waiting Game (3rd week)
Dr. John Townsend
Join us for a fresh take on "the waiting game" and "just giving it to God".
Forget about It! (4th week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Looking back can help us evaluate our present relationships and avoid some of the mistakes and poor choices we made in the past. 
Series # 10: Unlocking Love’s Door (6 weeks)
Where are you? (1st week)
Dr. John Townsend
Learn how to move from disconnect to the closeness you desire.
Ouch, That Hurts (2nd week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Find out how to eliminate judgmental criticism, while gaining the skill needed to give and receive the truth in a way that heals.
Who’s the boss? (4th week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Discover practical strategies that will move you towards adult-adult connections.
I deserve better than that! (5th week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Learn how to avoid entitlement and unlock a free and honest relationship.
Your issue hurts us! (6th week)
Dr. John Townsend
Everyone experiences difficulties, learn how to help the struggler and improve the connection, get healthy and stay attached.
Series # 11: What Season is Your Relationship in? (5 weeks)
The WOW season (1st week)
Dr. John Townsend
Learn how this highly valuable season can be the start of a long-lasting attraction.
Can I trust you with me? (2nd week)
Dr. John Townsend
Find out what's required to enter this important relationship season.
Wait a minute, we’re different! (3rd week)
Dr. John Townsend
Don't interpret the "not like me" stage as a sign that the connection isn't working, learn to reap the rewards of the differences.
Imperfection knocks at the door (4th week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Imperfection doesn't have to be a deal breaker, and there are some very helpful tips to help get you through.
Deepening in intimacy (5th week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
It's what God intended, and it's available to all couples. 
Series # 12: It's Not My Fault (4 weeks)
Principle #1-You Can Own Your Own Life, Principle #2 - You Can Always Find a Choice
Dr. Henry Cloud
We live in a culture of blame and this is a major handicap in the relationships and success we all want. Based on Drs. Cloud and Townsend's latest book, the INMF Series will help you identify areas of blame and passivity and unlock keys to empowerment, ownership, change and success.
Principle #3 - You Can Learn to Think Differently, Principle #4 - You Can Stretch and Risk
Dr. John Townsend
We live in a culture of blame and this is a major handicap in the relationships and success we all want. Based on Drs. Cloud and Townsend's latest book, the INMF Series will help you identify areas of blame and passivity and unlock keys to empowerment, ownership, change and success.  Principle 3: ""..sometimes our minds say, "I just can't..." or "He made me..." or even "I got manipulated into doing it..." That sort of thinking won't get your anywhere. Instead, learn how to train your "thinker" into saying and perceiving reality in ways that get you moving, instead of keeping you in jail!"" Principle 4: ""So many times we are reduced to a sub-par relationship or life, not knowing what else to do. Yet often the cause is that we are afraid to take risks and do things differently. Learn how to safely stretch, risk and get out of the boat into the water.""
Pinciple #5 - You Can Deal with Failure, Principle #6 - You Can Persist and Persevere
Dr. Henry Cloud
We live in a culture of blame and this is a major handicap in the relationships and success we all want. Based on Drs. Cloud and Townsend's latest book, the INMF Series will help you identify areas of blame and passivity and unlock keys to empowerment, ownership, change and success.  Principle 5: "There are ways to face failure, and even better, use it to your own advantage. Learn how failure can be your friend, and how it can help you to improve your relationships and your life path!" Principle 6: "Persistence and perseverance are actually skills that can be learned and applied to any area of life: work, love, family or goals. And those who learn these skills get the payoff. Be a finisher, not a starter, and reap the rewards!"
Principle #7 - You Can Get Connected, Principle #8 - You Can Learn to Say "No
Dr. John Townsend
We live in a culture of blame and this is a major handicap in the relationships and success we all want. Based on Drs. Cloud and Townsend's latest book, the INMF Series will help you identify areas of blame and passivity and unlock keys to empowerment, ownership, change and success. Principle 7: "One of the main culprits of 'It's Not My Fault' thinking is the lack of a well-functioning support team. But how do you make and develop the right connections? That's what this part of the talk is about: you need certain types of relationships that will encourage you, keep you focused, and help you move along.." Principle 8: "You need a "no muscle" to protect your dreams and goals! Learn how to refuse, what to allow, and how to keep your desires alive!" 
Series # 14:Hope (2 weeks)
Hope Springs Eternal (1st week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
We learn about hope from a very young age. As a child, we may hope for a special toy on our birthday. As we grow, we hope for bigger things: a certain job, finding the right person, buying our dream house, and the list goes on. Without hope, life would be dull indeed. Yet, sometimes it seems we may be hoping in vain. Is it possible to invest our hope in a desire or goal that can't ever be achieved? Join us as we look at when eternal hope makes sense and when it doesn't.
Is Time on Your Side? (2nd week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Time rules our lives; we count time in minutes, days, weeks, months and years. It drives us, motivates us and can even frighten us. Time influences every area of our lives and can be our friend if we truly understand its eternal purpose in our life. Join us as we explore the mysteries of time and learn how to make sure time is on your side. 
Series # 15: Risk & Understanding (2 weeks)
Risk Factor (1st week)
Dr. John Townsend
How do you react to situations that demand you take a risk and stretch beyond your comfort zone? Believe it or not, it's not as important how you feel about taking a risk – as long as you don't let your feelings keep you from doing it. Discover how risk-taking can affect your relationships in surprising ways!
Places in the Heart (2nd week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
In seeking meaningful relationships and fulfillment, we often move between four different places emotionally. Help your community identify the places they've settled into and learn what it takes to feel good about their relationships and life. 
Series # 17: Seasons of Life (2 programs)
Seasons of Life (2nd program)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Learn to look at the changing seasons of life from an eternal perspective and avoid getting stuck in one particular season. 
Series # 20: Secrets of the Good Life (8 weeks)
Heart so Pure (6th week)
Dr. Henry Cloud
Even when we think that our motives are pure, we often carry hidden agendas and expectations of which we aren’t even aware. Getting rid of those expectations can bring some unexpected fruit in our relationships. Discover how uncluttered motives are another secret to the good life.
Strategic Leadership
George Barna, Rudy Rasmus, Greg Hawkins
Many overlook the importance of strategy in ministry.Congregational needs, existing programs, budgetary constraints - all play a part in determining the focus and the direction of the church. Leaders are often in a position of responding and reacting rather than initiating.So where do strategic thinking and long-range planning fit in?What difference can a well-conceived strategy make in the life of a church?Pastors and ministry leaders will be invited to explore three distinct but compatible perspectives on the role of strategy in leadership. 
Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch
Lee and Leslie Strobel
When spouses disagree in matters of faith the entire balance of the relationship is affected. How can couples continue to grow in intimacy and unity when there is a growing difference between them? Faith, marriage and sometimes both will often suffer as a result. No one knows this struggle more personally than Lee and Leslie Strobel. Leslie's decision to become a follower of Jesus brought heated opposition from her spiritually skeptical husband. In this intensely personal and practical broadcast, Lee and Leslie Strobel will offer a message of hope to couples who are out of sync in their faith and provide practical tools for Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch
The Be-With Factor - (youth)
Bo Boshers
Have you ever thought about how Jesus would lead your youth ministry? Join Bo Boshers to discover the "Be-With Factor" - a powerful, practical, and sustainable mentoring approach that's patterned after Jesus’ example of “being with” his disciples in real-life settings. It’s not another program; it's a way of doing life with students. Faith that's seen in everyday situations has the power to transform a generation! 
The Case for Christmas
Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg
Who was REALLY in the manger on that first Christmas morning -- a prophet, as Muslims claim, a mere human being, as atheists believe, or the unique Son of God, as Christians have proclaimed for 2,000 years? In this CCN live broadcast, award-winning author and journalist, Lee Strobel will present the evidence that changed his own beliefs as an atheist and convinced him that Jesus is divine. This timely event will separate Christmas lore and legend from the trustworthy, historical facts surrounding Jesus’ birth. This exciting evening is designed to bolster the faith of Christians - and - offer spiritual seekers a unique opportunity to hear the persuasive case that Jesus is God's Son! 
The Case for Easter
Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg
Each Easter season, major magazines feature Jesus on the cover page with articles debating who he was and what he did: his historical reality, his teaching, his followers and more. At the center of the debate is this question: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? On this question, Christianity stands or falls. award-winning author and former atheist Lee Strobel will present The Case for Easter - a clear headed, no-holds-barred look at the evidence for the resurrection and, if true, the implications for our lives. 
The Case for The Real Jesus
Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg (host), and Downhere
From college classrooms to best selling books, the historic picture of Jesus is under intellectual onslaught. This fierce attack is confusing spiritual seekers and casting doubt among Christians – but can these radical new claims and revisionist theories stand up to sober scrutiny? Invite seekers, skeptics and believers to hear Lee Strobel’s latest findings: A Journalist Investigates Current Attacks on the Identity of Christ. 
The Character of a Leader
George Barna, Dr. Kevin Mannoia
Nothing affects the ability to lead as much as character. In fact, according to renowned research analyst, George Barna, your influence as a leader is largely determined by public image, and that public image is a reflection of your character. Leaders in the church and the community are invited to join the CCN broadcast, The Character of a Leaderand take a closer look at the core character traits of leaders and why they matter so much. 
The Effective Pastor, part 2
Kevin Mannoia, Larry Walkemeyer, and H. B. London (host)
Dr. Kevin Mannoia gives pastors an indispensable set of tools to help them thrive, both personally and professionally, in pastoral ministry. Joining Kevin will be Larry Walkemeyer and host H.B. London, offering road-tested wisdom that is designed to help pastors develop habits that will sustain a lifetime of fruitful ministry. 
The Emotionally Healthy Church
Pete Scazzero
There is a vital link between emotional health, relational depth, and spiritual maturity. This reality sheds new light on many of the painful problems you encounter as both a church and a leader. In this insightful and transformational CCN seminar author and pastor Pete Scazzero will explore the impact this truth has on both our lives and our churches, as he helps pastors and leaders answer the question: So what does it take to lead your congregation into wholeness and maturity?
The Family Life of Leaders
George Barna, Dr. Gary Rosberg, Tim Smith
Second only to your relationship with God, family is your most important calling. It is impossible to succeed in ministry, unless your family is a place of support and joy. So how do you make sure that your family thrives in the midst of ministry? Marriage and family expertsTim Smith and Gary Rosberg will join host George Barna to give ministry leaders the encouragement and help they need to renew and strengthen their family lives. Discover how to deal with the unique struggles and challenges that ministry families face.
The Four Laws of Effective Outreach
Scott Evans
Become a church that reaches out effectively!This fast-paced, practical seminar focuses on the core principles of effective outreach for any size church and will give you a blueprint that you can begin to implement right away.
The Four Laws:
1) Create a church identity for outreach
2) Attract visitors by communicating your identity
3) Connect visitors to your church
4) Equip your members to be inviters 
The Organic God
Margaret Feinberg
Help your congregation discover God in a new, fresh way! In this transformational program, Margaret Feinberg points the way to a "a real relationship with Him – a relationship that isn't altered by perfumes, additives, chemicals, or artificial flavors that promise to make it sweeter, sourer, or tastier than it really is." She desires to help your church body know and experience the One True God – who in his fullness allows himself to be known. 
The Papa Prayer
Dr. Larry Crabb
Like millions of Christians, Dr. Larry Crabb considered his prayer life a weakness—dull, crisis-driven and mostly lifeless. But something new happened when he began practicing what he calls the PAPA prayer—a conversational approach to talking with and enjoying God. He discovered that the heart and the fuel of true prayer is relational. It's not a formula or technique. Rather, it's a way to relate to God that lets us hear him speak. 
The Power of Getting God’s Word from Your Head to Your Heart
Gary Smalley
Discover the life-changing difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge in this practical and inspiring evening with award-winning author, Gary Smalley. Gary will use his own testimony to teach your community how to take hold of the Word of God in a personal and powerful way. 
The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church
Reggie McNeal
There are the Truths of the Bible. Then there are the "truisms" of churches. You'd be amazed to know how many church leaders have fallen captive to some of the following "truisms" about churches:
  • If you build the perfect church they will come
  • Growing your church will automatically make a difference in the community
  • Developing better church members will result in greater evangelism
  • The church needs more workers for church work
  • Better planning will get you where you want to go
If you believe these ideas, get ready for a CCN broadcast that will challenge your thinking. Reggie identifies important realities that church leaders must address. Reggie believes that by changing the questions church leaders ask themselves about their congregations and their plans, they can approach the future with new eyes, new purpose, and new ideas. 
Trends of Consequence
George Barna, David Kinnaman
Want to know which way the spiritual winds are blowing—and how your church can best take advantage of them? If you want to chart a course that will get you to your ministry destination, you’ve got to know how the currents and winds are changing. What you knew about our culture three years ago is nearly irrelevant today. This dynamic, fact-filled seminar will explore the latest trends in people’s self-perceptions, preferences in entertainment and leisure, religious beliefs, faith practices, and more!