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Ultimate Leadership
A Growth Path for Leaders
Dr. Henry Cloud
Strong leadership emerges from persons who are deeply committed to their own emotional, spiritual, personal and professional growth. Without this quality, both leader and leadership stagnates. However, it's definitely not as simple as it sounds. Leaders in both ministry and business arenas often have difficulty finding the time, energy and resources to pay attention to fostering their own growth. Once they do, it can be equally hard to evaluate whether they are on the right track. Dr. Henry Cloud lays out a practical and doable solution in A Growth Path for Leaders.
You and your leadership team will learn how to set your own personal growth plan into motion while discovering:
  • Key ingredients which facilitate growth
  • Core issues which all leaders must confront and resolve  
A Leader Who Confronts Successfully
Dr. John Townsend
Effective leaders do not shy from confrontation because they also have the necessary skills to handle conflict successfully. Ironically, many leaders don't have the training or experience to do this important task well. Give the leaders on your team the skills and the vision they need to make confrontation work to everyone's advantage!
Become a Leadership-lifer
Dr. John Townsend
Dr. John Townsend helps leaders in both business and ministry will learn exactly what is required to sustain a lifetime of successful and productive leadership.
Becoming your own Growth CEO
Dr. John Townsend
All leaders are looking for some kind of growth as a result of their efforts: financial growth, corporate growth, spiritual growth, increased numbers, increased products, changed lives.Yet, the often-neglected growth path is the personal and spiritual growth of the leader.
Organizations, ministries and churches which experience the best and deepest growth tend to have a leader who is also changing, becoming the person that he or she is designed by God to be. If you’re a leader in business or ministry, you won’t want to miss Becoming Your Own Growth CEO. 
Ultimate Leadership (Series)
A Structured Plan for the Care and Development of a Senior Pastor or Leader
Dr. Henry Cloud
How does your organization care for its leader(s)? What structure do you have to help you thrive and grow in your leadership role? Dr. Henry Cloud will present a model for a leadership growth structure that is vital to the well-being and success of any leader in any organization.
Enemies and Idiots: How to Deal with Toxic People
Dr. Henry Cloud
Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to deal with problem or difficult people as a leader? However, the reality is that people are often very difficult! They might be people with whom you do business every day -- people in your workplace, neighborhood and in your church. Oftentimes, the most difficult people may also be the key members of your organization. The good news is that there are some very concrete, loving and appropriate tools for managing the difficult or toxic people around you.
Dr. Henry Cloud will help leaders gain the critical discernment and necessary skills for handling difficult people successfully. You will learn the difference between people who intentionally seek to undermine your leadership and those who simply lack adequate relational skills. Leaders will discover when it’s time to sever relations and when it’s appropriate to go the extra mile. In this broadcast you will find answers to the tough questions:
  • Are all difficult relationships “fixable”?
  • When is it time for grace and when is it time for hard truth?
  • When is it time for patience and when is it time to “pull the plug”?
Don’t let difficult people stand between you and effective leadership! Receive the keys to healthy, productive leadership
Good Outcomes Require the Right Kind of Time
Dr. John Townsend
Instant results are generally useless. Bearing fruit in leadership definitely takes time. Yet time alone is not enough to guarantee the results you want! In this presentation, leaders in business and ministry will learn how to harness the passage of time both wisely and productively in order to generate good outcomes.
How Good Leaders Handle Negative Realities
Dr. Henry Cloud
Discover what effective leaders do when things "go bad"! "...sometimes those negative realities have the power to overcome leaders’ abilities to deal with them, and they are either stalled, defeated, or destroyed in the process," says Dr. Cloud. Dr. Henry Cloud will tell how successful leaders process and deal with negative realities in ways that enable everyone involved to move forward with resolution.
How to Handle Conflict as a Leader
Dr. John Townsend
Dr. John Townsend, bestselling author and clinical psychologist, will train leaders to enter conflict, model it, and teach it in healthy ways.
"...those organizations who have a leader who is competent in conflict are fortunate, in that problems are solved, disagreement is seen as productive, and the church or company can continue moving forward," says Dr. Townsend.
In this broadcast you'll receive practical tools that will help you:
  • Address your own reservations about conflict.
  • Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict.
  • Utilize healthy conflict as an opportunity for growth.
  • Find solutions during conflicts.
Leadership is for Grown-ups
Dr. John Townsend
Leadership demands grown-up skills, maturity and resources. If we are to succeed as leaders, it is vitally important to take a good look our own adult capabilities and pay attention to the areas in our lives where we still may have some growing-up to do. Dr. John Townsend, award-winning co-author of the Boundaries series, will present the blueprint for an adult leader. Leaders will gain both the understanding and the tools needed to become a competent and effective leader in a grown-up world.
Taking Ownership of the Outcome
Dr. Henry Cloud
Dr. Henry Cloud, bestselling author and clinical psychologist, will help leaders make the important shift from being "good" to being "fruitful". Leaders will learn the importance of:
  • Putting the mission ahead approval or people-pleasing
  • Valuing the outcome more than the rewards of doing a good job
  • Becoming a faithful steward of their calling
The Authentic Leader
Dr. John Townsend
Dr. John Townsend, bestselling author and clinical psychologist, will help leaders avoid the pitfalls of trying to support an ideal image:According to Dr. Townsend, "This leads to organizational and ministry problems, as people then do not know who they are following."In this practical broadcast you will learn how to:
  • Live and lead with your real self.
  • Utilize your true leadership capabilities.
  • Allow the "ideal person" to become a motivating goal rather than an obstacle.
The Relationally-based Leader
Dr. John Townsend
Dr. John Townsend, bestselling author and clinical psychologist, will give leaders a clear understanding of the advantages of relationally-based leadership versus performance-based leadership. In this practical broadcast you will:
  • Learn how to form healthy relationships with those you lead and those you serve
  • Discover how healthy relationships can help your ministry or task achieve success
  • Learn to deal successfully with the relational struggles that leaders face. 
Unlocking The Da Vinci Code
Lee Strobel, Dr. Erwin Lutzer
CCN invites you to spark a life-changing spiritual discussion in your community by hosting Unlocking the Da Vinci Code. This major outreach event is designed for both Christians and seekers who have read the book, seen the movie, or are curious about the tremendous response to this popular work of fiction.
Understanding Islam
Mark Mittelberg, Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner, Shirin Taber, Dr. Viggo Olsen
 You invite your new neighbor to your church for this weekend's service. He gratefully accepts, with one condition: you join him at his mosque the following week. Islam is not only in the daily news, it is in your world. From neighbors, to coworkers, to frequented business establishments, we interact with Muslims on a regular basis. We know that Islam is one of the world's fastest-growing religions, but what do we really know about it? Get ready for an exciting broadcast that will open up your understanding of Islam. 
What Every Mom Needs
Elisa Morgan
Gather moms of all ages and seasons together for a special time of teaching, worship and encouragement that's designed to celebrate the life-long calling and joy of motherhood! 
What's really holding you back?
Valorie Burton
Join nationally-recognized life coach Valorie Burton as she challenges and equips everyday people to break through the obstacles that keep them from fulfilling God's dream for the lives: in their career, in their relationships and in their finances. 
Why not you? Building Authentic Confidence (part 1)
Valorie Burton
 Join author and life-coach Valorie Burton as she details a 28 day plan based on spiritually centered trust in God and honesty with self. She'll provide the tools needed to conquer the doubts, hesitations and insecurities that undermine daily efforts to succeed. 
Why not you? Building Authentic Confidence (part 2)
Valorie Burton
Reach out to the women of your community and invite them to live out their God-given purpose! Author and professional life coach, Valorie Burton, sends a message of hope and challenge: through a spiritually-centered trust in God and honesty with self, anyone can develop the C.O.U.R.A.G.E. to take their career, finances, and relationships to the next level. 
Willow Creek’s Group Life Conference: Ancient-Future Community
Bill Donahue (host), Scott McKnight and Mike Breaux
For the first 300 years, the church didn’t have small groups – it was small groups! Explore how the early Church inspires and directs the future of small group ministry! This conference provides an outstanding opportunity to refuel, equip, and connect small group leaders at every level throughout your entire church body. 
Young People’s Attraction to the Dark Side
George Barna, David Kinnaman, Steve Russo
According to the Barna Research Group, fully four of every five teenagers reports encountering the supernatural in the media.  What's more, even churched teens report that, in this area, their churches don't give them much help. You and your church leaders can investigate the eye-opening statistics in teen involvement in the supernatural. And you'll learn what drives teens to do so: a deep hunger for spiritual experience that hasn't been satisfied—or in some cases even addressed—by the church. The spiritual curiosity and searching is a wide open door of opportunity for God's truth and light.