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31th Annual Meeting Maine Baptist Association

September 30, 2023, 9 AM - 1 PM

Executive Team Session 8:00-8:45 AM

Hope Baptist Church

726 Western Avenue, Manchester, ME

Lunch is included!



Each church needs to pray and elect messengers. The elected messengers are those who vote on business issues at our upcoming Annual Meeting. These issues involve budget and purpose/direction for our association of churches. Each messenger will be asked to sign-in when they arrive at the meeting.


In order to “vet” your messengers, your church must email a list of your elected messengers with the information requested below by September 18, 2023. You can email your list of messengers with date of their election to: or use the registration form below.


The messengers in the email should match those signing in as messengers at the meeting. If there is a need for a replacement messenger, you will want to have alternates elected ahead of time and identify them as alternates on the list you send us via email.


According to MEBA’s Constitution & By-Laws, Article IV (Membership), Section 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Below) defines active membership in the Maine Baptist Association as well as the guidelines for electing messengers for those churches that are in good standing:


  • Section 1: Members: The Association shall have only one classification of members, namely those who are duly elected messengers of affiliated member churches.

  • Section 2: Affiliation of Churches: A church may affiliate with MeBA if its faith and practice are in good accord with the faith and practice of the other affiliated member churches, with due respect to affiliated member church autonomy, style, and methods.  MeBA affirms the current Baptist Faith and Message as the statement that best describes the basic body of beliefs that the affiliated member churches of MeBA hold in common.  Each church shall voluntarily cooperate in spirit, financial support, and participation with the Association and the other affiliated member churches to achieve and advance the stated purpose of the Association.

  • Section 3: Election of Members (Messengers): Each church affiliated with the Association shall select and elect messengers to the Annual Meeting.  Each affiliated member church, regardless of size, may have two messengers plus the pastor. Additional messengers may be elected based upon the membership of the church.  For each additional fifty (50) members beyond the first fifty (50) another messenger may be elected.  No church regardless of size shall have more than ten (10) messengers, including the pastor.  Messengers serve for one year and may be re-elected should the church decide to do so. Mission churches (Section 2.A) are entitled to one (1) messenger each, including the pastor.

  • Section 4: Voting Rights:  Each messenger shall be entitled to one vote on each item of business.          


While only messengers can vote on business issues, we encourage all other church members to attend the Annual Meeting!  They will enjoy the great fellowship, equipping seminars, and they will get the “big picture” of what God is doing in and through our churches here in Maine!

Thank you, 

Mike Nerney

Director of Missions

Messenger Sign Up

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