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A Message from Keith Lawrence

Dear Maine Pastors and Church Leaders,


We are living in uncertain times because of the Coronavirus 19 and the shelter in place order from Governor Janet Mills. All of our churches that make up the Maine Baptist Association are complying with the requests/orders of the civil authorities. I do expect the shelter in place will be lifted in the near future. During this time, we need to continue to pray for and care for one another.


We are a family of churches that help each other during difficult times. Our mission has not changed! It is to fulfill the Great Commission. Many of us have been praying for revival, an awakening, and a harvest. This may be the beginning of many new and expanded opportunities for us to share Jesus through our words, attitudes and actions. We can speak into the lives of those who are searching.


As the director of missions of our association of churches let me remind you that your church and your pastors and other church leaders are my top priority. Our association exists to serve, encourage and come alongside you.


Many churches in our family of churches will be hurting in these coming days. It is my desire that your church fulfill its obligation to care for your pastor and other staff/leaders. It is imperative that each church maintains a good reputation in their communities as they continue to pay bills on time. So, when money is tight, your association giving should never leave you unable to care for those most important people and relationships.


The churches are the reason we are an association. The association is here to help the church as you make disciples in your communities. Christ died for the church! So, be the church – you are the Front Line - sharing Jesus! There is no other plan! There is no backup team! The Church is commissioned to go and make disciples …. We are here to encourage, challenge, and support you!


With that in mind, beginning next week we will be holding zoom “Drop-In” meetings.

Here is the schedule:

  • Tuesdays: Zoom “drop-in” meetings: 10:00-11:30 AM

  • Thursdays: Zoom “drop-in” meetings: 2:00-4:30 p.m.


I will send text messages to our pastors with the Zoom Meeting ID and will include the password if it is needed). This text can also serve as a reminder of your opportunity to be together! 

Other meetings can be set upon request.

MEBA has worked hard to reduce our overhead so that we can faithfully serve our family of churches. We will continue to serve you and to encourage you as we go through this time. Again, the Great Commission was given to the church. The association was formed by our churches to come alongside the churches to fulfill their mission.


I believe God is reshaping His church for the great harvest that will be coming in the near future.

Keep looking up,



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