The Maine Baptist Association (MEBA) is an association of 24 churches and missions working together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with each and every person in Maine ... and to the ends of the earth! We are found as far north as Caribou and as far south as North Berwick. We are committed to Jesus Christ ...to follow Him wherever He leads and at whatever the cost.

We are a fellowship of churches who voluntarily affiliate with each other for the purpose of evangelism, missions and fellowship in Maine and around the world. The association of churches believe that Kingdom work can be done better together and will have a greater impact than done individually, although each church is autonomous and has its own focus of ministry.


How we connect

We connect with one another through fellowship and ministry.

We cooperatively join together to be a visible representation of the Kingdom of God.


We share our financial resources to impact the world with the Good News.


We share our human resources to meet the needs of those around us as well as on the other side of the planet.


We are laborers together with God!


We desire to join with others who trust and follow Jesus.


We want to partner with those who sense God's calling to serve Him in Maine as well as those with whom we can join to have a greater impact in the regions beyond our own. It is not enough for us to receive assistance from others - we must also give.


Director of Missions

Keith Lawrence
Ann Lawrence

Partnership Development